Buying a property in Spain is a process that shouldn’t be rushed. We understand that it is important for our buyers to have experienced and professional estate agents that they can rely on. Your Hondon Property Agent meets the highest professional standards. With our ability to speak your language and our knowledge of the local market, we enable you to buy property in Hondon Valley areas in Spain easily and with full security. The process of buying property in Spain occurs in the following stages.

1 – Buying a property in Spain – First meeting

At our first meeting, we introduce ourselves and explain what we do. We are interested to hear your reasons for investing in property overseas and want to hear your ideas of the perfect Spanish home. We inform you about the options for finding your ideal Hondon Valley home. We welcome any questions you may have about buying property. We also inform you about the legal consequences and important facts that should be taken into consideration when buying property on the Costa Blanca. Our main goal is to provide ours client with all of the information so they can make a confident and informed decision. If you are not yet in Spain, we would be happy to have our first meeting through the telephone.

2 – Property search that matches your criteria

Based upon our first meeting, we will show you properties that match your criteria and fit your budget. As in every stage of the buying process, feel free to ask us any questions you may have.

3 – Buying a property in Spain – Detailed information

When you are interested in one or more of the introduced properties, we provide you with detailed information and any special requirements the seller has stated. If you are interested in a new build project, we provide you with an update on the status of the project. In this stage, we also discuss your financial situation, determining if the purchase is financially achievable. If you are interested in financing the purchase of a property, then we inform you about the Spanish mortgage system. This way, the different purchasing options are already available for your consideration.

4 – Buying a property in Spain – Visiting properties

If the Hondon properties you like are financially achievable, we will schedule property viewings. If you are interested in more than one property, we will try to schedule viewings in the most efficient way. Of course, we believe you should see the properties in person in order to get a feel for the house and its surroundings. If you would like us to arrange the property viewing tour, we are happy to do so. Please consult us for the available possibilities.

5 – Buying a property in Spain – Contract of sale

If the property meets your expectations and you would like to buy it, we begin by setting up contract of sale. At this point, you will show your interest in Buying a property in Spain by making a deposit. Following this, the vendor is no longer allowed to receive possible negotiations from other potential buyers. At the moment of the signing of the contract of sale, the down payment consists of 3.000 euros. From this moment on, you have up to 6 working days to transfer the remaining amount of the deposit, which is in total 10% of the purchase price.

6 – Buying a property in Spain – Transfer of the title deeds

Following the contract of sale, we begin the process of guaranteeing a quick and safe transfer of the title deeds at the local notary office. If you prefer, the services of our lawyer are available, however is not required. Our lawyer is a preferred supplier with perfect Spanish, English, French, German and Dutch abilities and many years of work experience in the Hondon Valley area.

7 – Buying a property in Spain – Transfer at the notary

The day that you sign the title deeds at the notary office you can make use of a translator. After the deeds are signed, congratulations! You are the new owner of a beautiful Spanish property under the sun.